The App

Powerful control of the timing system. Download on the App Store and coming soon to the Google Play.

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Get ready in a couple of seconds.

When you purchase a fastkrono device, you get free access to the Fastkrono mobile app.

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Pair via Bluetooth to FastHub

Easily control of your FastHub Control Unit through the app.

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Discover wirelessly your gates timing system.

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It is time to start the competition.


Customize your drills to follow sport regulations, create line and time faults and the competition list of players .

Now the judges can sit down and relax. Gather accurate results automatically without human error.

A dashboard lets you have control of extra functionalities, activate and desactivate gates, start and stop the timer – the app does it all.

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Don't wait for the winner. Alive ranking pole.

Follow the  ranking alive, do not miss the fastest player.

Save the results in your device, export them to .csv format or share to social media.

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Capture hands-free awesome pics.

Photo finish pictures.

Automatically photo finish shots to not miss any instant.

Race video recording.

Automatically video recording to analyse the player.

Wow the fans on social.

Media stored in your device, ready to share to social.

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