Driving athletes performance in sports

The Timing systems

FastKrono develops timing systems to drive athletes’ performance in sports with the latest advances in IoT technology.

The App

FastKrono App let´s you control and interact with the system to configure races and exercicies.

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Designed for Dog Agility Athletic Equestrian Team Winter Motor sports


Competition Management

Automatic scoring system and real-time streaming platform. Now you can leave the stress to the participants and engage the fans.

Coaching and rehabilitation

Manage your teams and follow the progress of your players. Create motivational training sessions to reach their maximum performance.

Training device

Use the system on your own. Challenging your abilities and following your progress over time will help your reach your goals.

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Turn your data in an advantage

Smart database system

Gather all your competition or training data in one place. Now you can analyse the weakness or strengths of the players and make future decisions based on reliable facts.

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